IPM Officers and Associates

Meet our team

Income Property Management has a staff of exceptionally well-qualified and experienced individuals who serve as the management team for your property. Your can rely on our dedicated team of portfolio managers and accountants to successfully handle the day-to-day management of your property to ensure a maximum return of your investment.

Jeff Reingold, CPM


The founder of the firm, Jeff Reingold, was born and raised in Portland. He graduated from the University of Oregon in 1973.

In his final years of college, Jeff began his career in real estate management working as a property manager for a full-service firm headed by a well-respected Eugene broker. Jeff was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the property management department of this firm. Growing from that experience, Jeff obtained his Oregon broker’s license and established IPM Co. in 1974, initially serving the residential needs of property owners in the Eugene-Springfield area.

Aside from being involved in the operations of the firm, Jeff gained valuable experience from the perspective of the owner as he began to invest in commercial and residential property in the Eugene area. Additionally in 1979, Jeff completed the requirements needed to obtain his designation as a Certified Property Manager® from the Institute of Real Estate Management. In 1981, the firm met the strict requirements for designation by the Institute as an Accredited Management Organization - one of only 1,140 in the country.

The firm grew and in 1984, IPM Co. opened a second office in Portland, serving clients with properties in the greater Portland area. Aside from providing conventional property management services, the firm became well known for its ability to provide receivership services for its institutional clients. The firm has served as court appointed receiver in over 100 cases.

Serving as court appointed receiver provided the firm with experience in property “turnarounds” and dealing with the challenges present in receivership properties. This skill has attracted numerous investor clients in need of these abilities.

Jeff is a licensed real estate broker in both Oregon and Washington. Additionally, he has served on the board of the Multifamily Northwest as legislative chair and continues to be actively involved with the Association. 

Kirby Kirch, CPM

Vice President

Our Vice President and Portland Branch Manager, Kirby Kirch, began his career in the property management field as a Resident Manager with Income Property Management Co. in the spring of 1983. As a student at the University of Oregon, he worked part time as the Property Manager of a large condominium project in Eugene.

After receiving a Bachelors Degree in 1985 from the University of Oregon’s School of Business, Kirby transferred to the IPM Co. Portland office and became a Portfolio Manager, responsible for several downtown commercial and multifamily buildings.

Currently, Kirby oversees the operations of both our residential and commercial property management departments. Kirby’s extensive background in both residential and commercial management in the Portland market gives him the necessary tools to successfully supervise all aspects of our Portland office operations.

Kirby has been instrumental in several large acquisitions of our Portland branch and is a key player in the expansion of IPM’s service throughout the Willamette Valley with properties in Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, and Vancouver. Included among this group is a 70-unit garden style building located next to Reser Stadium in Corvallis, a 60-unit historic building in downtown Portland, and a landmark, mixed-use building, located in the heart of Northwest Portland.

Kirby plays an active role in the operation of all our accounts to ensure that we successfully meet the goals and objectives of each of our clients. For example, he has assisted several existing clients with major renovations of their buildings including a building listed on the Historic Register. These renovation projects have included exterior painting, electrical service upgrades, elevator A17.3 and controller unit upgrades, energy efficient lighting upgrades, as well as building envelope improvements including windows, siding, and roof replacement projects. Kirby has extensive experience in working with the Department of Energy to obtain eligible cash incentives and business tax credits. 

Jill M. Webberley


Jill Webberley joined Income Property Management as a staff accountant and worked her way through the ranks to become the Accounting Manager and Controller. Jill’s diverse professional background allows her to wear many hats within IPM. After college, Jill began her career at an operator service company as lead supervisor before pursuing her interest in the accounting field and taking a position in the company’s accounting and human resources departments.

Jill joined IPM in November 1992, managing all accounting procedures for residential and commercial property accounts as well as being solely responsible for overseeing all of IPM Co.’s corporate accounting. In addition, she supervises an accounting staff of eight, HR staff of three, Tax Credit/Office staff of four and the HOF Maintenance team, which consists of seven employees. Jill oversees all accounting policies and procedures as well as internal controls. She also manages the budgeting process and daily operations including: banking, accounts payable, and general ledger responsibilities.

Since 1992, Jill has played an integral role in streamlining our accounting procedures as well as being actively engaged in the updating of all equipment and software and is the company “expert” on SKYLINE computer software. Jill is also responsible for staying up to date with both Oregon and Washington Real Estate Agency rules and laws. Jill is responsible for directing all financial and tax compliance activities. She is involved with tax planning and preparation for LLCs, S-Corporations, Partnerships, individuals, and Trusts. She prepares and updates financial and business models.

Jill is extremely proud of her accounting staff, most of whom have been with IPM for at least ten years. Their dedication to accuracy, timeliness, and strong sense of responsibility makes her supervision duties easy. Jill manages experienced, knowledgeable people in all phases of the accounting cycle who are well experienced in a number of computer accounting software programs. 

Ed Nukala

Director of Maintenance

Ed Nukala joined IPM Co. in 2009 after working with the company as a General Contractor at ENJ Construction on a number of large projects including a major condominium conversion in Southeast Portland. Prior to joining the IPM Co. team, Ed worked as a General Contractor for 30 years, specializing in residential and commercial remodeling and new construction. He has extensive experience in working with the very specialized challenge of vintage buildings.

As head of the central maintenance team, Ed focuses on improving efficiency, quality of work, and cost effectiveness as well as expanding and developing new business. Ed also works with all of the on-site maintenance staff to evaluate skills, create a standard of work, and increase training. He is active in the hiring process of all IPM Co. maintenance personnel and oversees the maintenance staff of 160 properties and over 5,000 residential units along with our portfolio of commercial buildings. Ed manages a variety of maintenance and construction projects including day-to-day work orders, apartment turnovers, major building renovations, and remodeling.

In 2010, Ed recognized a niche market in fire escape testing, specifically affecting older properties. He researched the methods being used as well as the lack of standardized testing and realized this was an area that needed to be improved. After working with the city’s Fire Marshal and researching city codes, Ed created a division in our firm to perform the testing of fire escapes for their 5-year inspection certifications. Ed was able to reduce the costs significantly for IPM Co. clients as well as other building owners and managers. 

Angela Henry

Director of Affordable Property Management

Angela Henry joined the staff at Income Property Management Co., in June 1996 as an Assistant Portfolio Manager. Prior to joining Income Property Management Co., Angela worked for a local real estate/property management company in Berkeley, California. What began as a summer job during college at the University of California Berkeley, turned into a full-time position as property manager after graduation. It was during this time that she gained valuable experience in the property management field, leasing and managing single family homes and small apartment complexes.

Wanting a change of scenery and feeling the need to broaden her horizons, Angela left Berkeley and moved to Portland. As an Assistant Portfolio Manager for Income Property Management Co. she gained additional experience with residential properties, as well as familiarized herself with Oregon Landlord/Tenant law. Angela has been with IPM ever since and currently serves as the Director of Affordable Housing.

Angela is responsible for over 1,000 units in the Portland area. She has successfully led numerous properties through stabilization, lease-up, rehab, and acquisition over the years. Most recently she leased up 50 unit LIHTC in thirty days. Her responsibilities include managing organizational practices and procedures for the most efficient operation of her properties and others in our portfolio. In addition to her involvement with new business and staff development, Angela oversees her own portfolio, thus keeping her in touch with the realities of daily operations. The other affordable managers report directly to her, and she is ultimately responsible for all aspects within the portfolio. Leading, developing, and mentoring associates is work Angela takes on with enormous pride. 

Jill C. Keoppel

Director of Commercial Property Management

Jill has recently been named as the Director of Commercial Property Management. In 1987 Jill began work in the property management field with Hines Interests, L.P., managing 31 W 52nd Street, formerly known as E.F. Hutton World Headquarters, a Class A office building in mid-town Manhattan. Jill gained valuable knowledge in exterior building maintenance, elevator maintenance, along with security and concierge programs.

After three years, Jill followed her mentor and went to work for CB Commercial where she gained further experience in working with mid-size office buildings and retail properties as well as buildings in receivership. Included in Jill’s portfolio during her tenure at CB Commercial was One Times Square (where the New Years Ball is dropped!).

Jill joined IPM in 1998; overseeing residential, multi-use and Condominium Homeowner Associations. In 2013, an opportunity developed for Jill to go back to her roots of Commercial Property Management and she is now responsible for overseeing a total of 1,000,000 SF in office, retail, and industrial properties in both Portland and Eugene.

As a licensed broker Jill has the knowledge, expertise and certification necessary to lease vacant spaces and renew expiring leases. Jill also enjoys being in the field cultivating relationships with tenants, and potential tenants alike, which often plays a large role in creating healthy, long term commercial tenancies. These traits in particular make Jill an asset both to our team and our owners. 

Hillary Winslow

Portfolio Manager

Hillary Winslow came to Income Property Management Co. in 2010 as an office assistant.  She quickly learned the inner workings of the office and was promoted after six months to the position of Assistant Portfolio Manager.  Hillary was the Lead Assistant Portfolio Manager for 18 months.  In that position she successfully trained three new Assistant Portfolio Managers and several Office Assistants.  Hillary’s passion for Fair Housing, Landlord/Tenant Law and training has been an asset to IPM staff in recent years.

Hillary graduated from Portland State University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  While attending Portland State, Hillary worked in the service industry, where she learned the value and importance of providing excellent customer service.  This has been an asset to Hillary during her career in property management and shines through in her dealings with both clients and co-workers.

During her tenure as an Assistant Portfolio Manager, Hillary assisted IPM’s Senior Portfolio Managers as well as IPM Vice President, Kirby Kirch.  As an Assistant Portfolio Manager working closely with IPM senior staff, Hillary received excellent training on the day to day management of conventional, affordable and commercial properties.  Through her close working relationships with Director of Affordable Housing, Angela Henry, and Director of Commercial Property Management, Jill Keoppel, Hillary received a thorough and extensive immersion into IPM’s Portfolio and subsequently discovered she has a passion for working with Affordable Multifamily Communities.  

At this stage in her career, Hillary has successfully created budgets for multiple properties, including a Home Forward budget that was completed and approved in 2013 for the upcoming 2014-15 fiscal year.  Hillary has also gone on many quarterly site visits with Affordable Asset Managers and has taken those opportunities to learn the values and goals of the Asset Managers she works with.  She has also recently been a part of readying a Home Forward property for addition to the City of Portland Enhanced Safety Properties Program and as a result is knowledgeable the most up to date CPTED requirements.   One of Hillary’s proudest achievements in 2013 was her integral role on a team that recently completed a 36 day lease up of 50 brand new LIHTC units.

Hillary is enjoying her career as a Portfolio Manager and is excited to continue working closely with IPM’s Director of Affordable Housing, Angela Henry, to provide superior customer service and knowledgeable management of her own portfolio.

Robert Black

Portfolio Manager

Robert Black joined Income Property Management Co. as a Portfolio Manager in March of 2013. He began his property management career in 1998 as an Assistant Property Manager at a California based property management company here in Portland. For two years, Robert worked as an assistant to gain the knowledge that he needed to take on the position of Property Manager. With this new title, Robert oversaw operations for nearly 500 units at three large conventional properties.

Robert ventured to further his career as an Investment Manager at another management services company based out of Seattle. In 2006, Robert became a Licensed Real Estate Broker. For four years, Robert successfully managed a large portfolio, averaging 1700 units at any given time. Specializing in multifamily apartment homes in both Oregon and Washington, Robert continued to gain experience through the various properties in his portfolio, working extensively with conventional, tax credit, and multi-use communities.

Throughout his entire career Robert has played an integral role in both the acquisition and sale of numerous communities and is instrumental in several multi-million dollar renovations. This expertise in construction management has shown to be a great asset to Income Property Management Co. Currently, Robert’s diverse portfolio consists of university off-campus housing and RV parks, as well as conventional, single-room occupancy, Home Forward properties and condominiums.

Through his years in property management, Robert continues to take the necessary courses that allow him to stay up to date on the current changes within the industry. Robert continues to develop a great deal of knowledge in both fair housing and landlord tenant laws. His ability to network and connect with people of all backgrounds allows him to be extremely successful in property management. Robert uses strategic and creative techniques that allow him to find new and innovate ways of managing his communities.

Shelly Hillman

Portfolio Manager

Shelly Hillman has over 28 years of experience in Property Management, which 18 of those years have been dedicated to Affordable Housing as a Regional Portfolio Manager, Director of Asset Transitions, Affordable Housing Director and Compliance Manager. Shelly holds a CPM®, ARM® and has several awards from Oregon AHMA. Shelly’s experience is extensive and diverse – from bringing over 500, out of state, mixed public housing units into her portfolio, to stabilizing projects with deferred maintenance and limited cash flow. 

In her most recent position, she was responsible for overseeing the Affordable Housing Division, including monitoring the compliance of each site, and oversight of three Portfolio Manager’s, a portfolio totaling over 1,500 units. In her prior position as a Director of Asset Transitions, she oversaw all property transitions including but not limited to new lease up and/or acquired projects coming into the portfolio and those projects exiting out of the portfolio. In addition to this responsibility, she maintained a portfolio of over 45+ properties totaling up to as many as 1,900 units at any given time.

Shelly is very involved with many industry partners such as IREM, Multi-Family NW and Oregon AHMA. 

Grace Phillips

Portfolio Manager

Grace brings a decade of property management experience; her career has spanned two coasts and included a diverse portfolio.  She specializes in overseeing properties with unique financial or construction challenges.

An inner SE Portland native, Grace grew up with a father in the construction industry, and has watched the city evolve and grow over the years.  She graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Oregon.  After graduation, facing a recession, she moved to the Boston area to explore new adventures.  She was hired by a local property management company as their Administrative Assistant and dove head first into the field.  Within a year, she had moved into a Portfolio Manager role, with a diverse portfolio of market rate housing, condominium associations and commercial properties spread out over the Boston Metro area.  In 2005, she moved back to Portland, and was hired by Income Property Management as a Portfolio Manager, where she gained experience in the Portland market overseeing vintage and suburban properties, including HUD and tax credit, many undergoing a renaissance of renovations as the market improved.

She left IPM for several years and worked for another local property management company, where she took on a unique position managing on both the portfolio side, as well as onsite at several 200 plus unit properties, managing leasing and maintenance staff at 97% occupancy during a tough rental climate. She was excited to return to IPM in 2015, with a new perspective and additional experience.  She brings with her a strong management style of hands on mentoring, frequent site visits, and staff support.  Her favorite part of working in this industry is watching a property transform with careful guidance and smart and stylish building upgrades.

She has completed her Oregon Real Estate Broker course hours, and is always looking for opportunities to learn and grow with the rapidly changing market in our area.

Lisa Willis


Lisa began working with Income Property Management Co. in 1990. Born and raised in Portland, Lisa has a unique historical perspective on the Portland Metro Area that is invaluable to IPM. She grew up on Sauvie Island and is a graduate of Parkrose High School.

Lisa first worked as a customer service representative for Pacific Coast Nursery. Her duties included billing and payroll as well as inputting and coordinating orders, working with clients, and working with delivery drivers. She left to join the IPM team in 1990 as a property accountant. Her portfolio has changed through the years giving her a diverse experience. She is currently working with a portfolio of 29 properties including small and large conventional properties, condominium homeowner associations, and condominium conversion projects. Lisa's responsibilities include accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial statements, bank reconciliations, and homeowner statements.

Her education includes accounting and business courses through Portland Community College's Rock Creek Campus.

Ramella Beugli


Ramella Beugli joined Income Property Management in March 1998 as a property accountant. She oversees accounting procedures for 17 residential accounts. An Oregon native, Ramella was born in Corvallis and moved to the Portland area in the mid-sixties. She is a graduate of West Linn High School.

Ramella came to us from CHP Property Management Co., a property management company that began in 1994 as a subsidiary of the parent company, The Arcand Company. The Arcand Company managed approximately 100 properties. The majority of these properties were federally subsidized through Rural Housing. Ramella was instrumental in the setting up of procedures to expedite the handling of the accounting functions.

Prior to 1994, Ramella worked for The Arcand Company as a bookkeeper for their real estate syndication division. Additional experience has included positions in both the bookkeeping and accounting fields.

The accounting background that Ramella brings to IPM is widely varied and includes full charge accounting through financial statements, bank reconciliations, payroll, and accounts payable. In addition to 22 years of on-the-job experience in the accounting field, Ramella has extensive computer software knowledge in SKYLINE, Excel, and MS Word.

Accounting classes have included Introduction to Accounting through Accounting III.

Randy Lance


Randy Lance began his career in property management as an accountant with Grubb & Ellis Commercial Real Estate in 1990. After three years, Randy decided to go back to school to acquire his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management/Accounting at Marylhurst University. Upon successful completion of his studies, Randy joined Cushman & Wakefield as a property accountant, where he was responsible for full-cycle accounting for 12 commercial properties.

After a year with Cushman & Wakefield, Randy returned to Grubb & Ellis as a Controller as well as a property accountant. Here he worked with 30 commercial properties and also supervised the accounting staff. Randy took a brief break from property management when he joined the Fownler Country Club as the Golf Course Superintendent. Here, Randy developed his personnel management skills.

Randy returned to property management in 2003 when he joined JPM Real Estate Services as a property accountant. While with JPM, he was promoted to Controller where he provided accounting for 40 residential properties, supervised the accounting staff, and oversaw the general office management.

Since joining the IPM Co. team in 2010 as a property accountant, Randy has taken on many special projects including IPM Co.’s training manual for site staff with company accounting procedures as well as playing a large part in the recent update of our management software, SKYLINE. 

Jodene Smith


Jodene joined the IPM Co. team as a property accountant in October of 2000, bringing with her many years of accounting experience, specifically in residential, multifamily real estate, commercial, and industrial properties. She has also worked as an accountant for non-profit organizations. Jodene presently oversees both affordable and conventional accounts.

Jodene came to IPM Co. from a property management company based in Lake Oswego. At this company, she was responsible for billings and collections, preparing financial statements, audits, and payroll. Prior experience includes an area industrial park where Jodene oversaw a portfolio of commercial properties, single family home rentals, and apartment complexes. She was also employed at a bookkeeping service where she worked with thirteen private and non-profit corporations.

The accounting background that Jodene brings to IPM is widely varied and includes full charge accounting through financial statements, bank reconciliations, payroll, and accounts payable. In addition to twenty-five years of on-the job experience in the accounting field, Jodene has extensive computer software knowledge in Skyline, Yardi, Quicken, and Peachtree as well as MS Word and Excel. As part of the workplace training, Jodene stays up to date on all fair housing training. She also has completed the course for CPR/AED certification. Along this same line, Jodene continually supports the American Heart Association through her participation in the annual Start Heart Walk, a fundraiser to promote heart healthy living.

“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.” This is the attitude that Jodene has carried with her throughout her career and she believes it is vital in creating a workplace of exceptional performance and integrity. 

Brooke Logan


Brooke Logan began working for Income Property Management Co. in 2000 and has used her skills in various capacities.  She was brought on to the team as an Assistant Portfolio Manager where she assisted with conventional residential properties.  In 2004, Brooke transferred to the accounting department where she worked as an Accounting Assistant primarily with commercial properties and now is a Portfolio Accountant, primarily for conventional residential properties.

A graduate of Reed College with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, Brooke has worn many hats at Income Property Management Co.  She tracks the insurance for all properties, updates the employee education files, and registers properties with electronic scanners for deposits.  She also updates the master signature cards at various banks, updates the real estate agency with opened and closed accounts, and handles the transference of unclaimed funds to the Department of State Lands.

In her free time, Brooke likes to work on home improvement projects, garden, and play with her cats.

Amy Chan


Amy Chan joined Income Property Management in 1999 as a property accountant. She currently works with 17 properties including conventional apartment communities, condominium homeowner associations, and commercial buildings.

After graduating from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance, Amy first joined Guardian's accounting department specializing in auditing and reconciliation. She acted as a Financial Auditor for the company and was in charge of reconciling Section 8 and Section 42 paperwork. She stayed with Guardian for five years before joining Income Property Management.

Amy's attention to detail has proved invaluable. In addition to her regular duties as a property accountant, she has also worked as the accountant for receiverships including multiple property sales.

Amy is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese.

Margaret Campbell

Director of Compliance

A native of Portland, Maggie joined the staff of Income Property Management Co. in June 2003 and she currently oversees IPM's compliance department.

Over the years, Margaret has worked in many aspects of property management. While a student at Reed College she worked with contractors in the Portland metropolitan area restoring older homes. As a contractor, she worked to oversee renovations of historic homes and buildings and has studied architecture at Portland State University. She has also served as a Certified Legal Secretary, working for two years with attorneys in the field of Family and Landlord/Tenant law.

Margaret comes to IPM from Cascade Management where she began leasing and managing tax credit properties. At Cascade, her responsibilities grew to encompass a Property Management portfolio of 16 subsidized properties–tax credit, project-based Section 8, and Rural Development–throughout the State of Oregon.

Currently, Margaret oversees compliance at IPM's 29 subsidized properties. Through her extensive training in subsidized housing compliance, she has developed an in-house compliance training system for IPM managers to complement existing national training programs. She works closely with managers on compliance and efficiency issues and keeps them updated on changes in compliance requirements at both the State and Federal levels. She is in charge of responding to file audits and managing all compliance data in the corporate office.

Outside of the office, Margaret has donated time and materials to work with low-income properties overseeing mural projects as well as contributing time to garden projects and after-school programs.